(13-17/11/2017) Asian Youth Leaders to meet at the 2017 Asian University Alliance Youth Forum in Bangkok, Thailand2018-05-24T07:20:45+00:00

(13-17/11/2018) Asian Youth Leaders to meet at the 2017 Asian University Alliance Youth Forum in Bangkok, Thailand

Youth representatives from each of the university members of the Asian University Alliance (AUA) will convene in Bangkok later this month at a five-day forum to explore and discuss challenges and solutions for sustainability. The Asian University Alliance Youth Forum (AUAYF), hosted by Chulalongkorn University with the Asian University Alliance (AUA), aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for learning, teamwork and community-building, while challenging delegates to explore innovative ways of designing and creating a sustainable future for Asia.

This event has the clear objective of inspiring and empowering young people to build a sustainable future for the Asian region. The three cornerstones of a sustainable society— People, Planet and Prosperity, will be explored as the delegates take the opportunity to discuss, have hand-on experience and ultimately design their own solutions addressing each aspect while, at the same time, clearly defining the role of youth in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals as identified by the United Nations.

Registration to attend the academic conferences on the 13-14th November, 2017 have been opened free to the public, with limited seats. Further information can be found at the AUYF Facebook Page “AUAYF – Asian Universities Alliance Youth Forum 2017”.

The Asian Universities Alliance (AUA)                                               

The Asian Universities Alliance (AUA) was established in April 2017, with fifteen universities in Asia as its founding members, to publicise a distinctive Asian perspective in educational circles around the world. Through cooperation among its member universities, it aims to enhance academic and research collaboration among its membership, facilitating student and academic staff mobility across Asian countries and strengthening economic power in Asia in order to promote Asia’s influence on higher education, to gain global recognition.