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Am I eligible?
You are responsible for tuition and other fees and required to contact directly to the programs of your interest; you may get more details about the fees and others related application documents through the following links:

Tuition Fees for International Students

Group 1: The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Allied Health Sciences, Engineering, Science, Architecture, Public Health, Communication Arts, Psychology, Nursing, Sports Science, and multidisciplinary field in; Environmental Management, Medical Microbiology, Biomedical Sciences, Dental Biomaterials Science, Human Sexuality, Pharmacology, Research for Health Development, Nanoscience and Technology, Environment Science and Physiology.

Group 2: The Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Economics, Law, Arts, Political Science, Education, Fine and Applied Arts, Population Studies, and multidisciplinary field in; Agricultural Resources Administration, Logistics Management, Cultural Management, Maritime Administration, Korean Studies, Energy Technology and Management, Technopreneurship and Innovation Management, Fashion Business, Human and Social development, English as an International Language, European Studies, Russian Studies, Environment Development and Sustainability and Southeast Asian Studies

* Program Fees will vary according to the program.

Living Costs Books: Approximately 5,000 Baht/semester

Food and other expenses: ≥10,000 Baht/month (apart from room rent) (a meal is on average 50-100 Baht)

Dormitory: ≈15,000 Baht/month (including electricity and water rates)

* Exchange Rate: USD 1 = THB 32.30 (as of October 2014)





































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