How to Register at CU

Documents required for the Entrance Registration

** (Please conform to Chulalongkorn University ’s rule by using blue background and wearing white shirt)

Registration GUIDE

Office of the Registrar is in charge of the student registration. For the Entrance registration on the first semester, the office of International Affairs is normally responsible for international student registration. In the next semester, international students are encouraged to do self-registration online, by visiting the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Before each online registration, students need to consult the Class and Examination Bulletin (CR92) in order to obtain the course number and section. If the course/section for international students is not included in the bulletin, students need to consult the course lecturer/coordinator directly.

The Class and Examination Bulletin (CR92) is available at the faculty’s registrar office. Students can also look up for the course information at the website

Online Registration Guides

Adding and deleting course(s) to/from your CR 74

Note : Adding and deleting courses must be done before the last date announced by the office of the Registrar. Students with late plea are subject to withdraw the course (“W”), or register for the course in the next semester.

Change your password

Tips for CU password

Checking the examination result

Examination result is provided in three grading systems:

Students receive the grade report (CR60) at the faculty’s registrar office. The report is also available online at the office of the Registrar’s website.

Contacting the Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is located on the second floor of Chamchuri 5 Building. It provides necessary documentary services:

The CR (Chula-Registration) documents

CR23 Certificate of Studentship

CR24 Certificate of conduct

CR25 Transcript

CR26 Certificate of Academic Status

CR27 Certificate of Graduation

CR29 Diploma translation (English)

The following CR can be obtained at the faculty’s registrar office

CR54 Registration Report

CR60 Grade Report

CR69 Personal Examination Time Table

CR74 Registration Result

When asking for documents from the Office of the Registrar, students must bring with them the student ID card. If requesting for certain documents, i.e. transcript, 1” photograph is needed. It should be noted that students have to conform to Chulalongkorn University ’s rules for student photograph: students must wear white shirt (also tie for male students) and use the blue background.

Fees may apply to certain documents, i.e. transcript. The normal tariff per one copy is 50 baht.