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Visa Online Application

Visa Requirements
All international students, faculty, and staff who will be studying or working at Chulalongkorn University need to obtain a non-immigrant visa according to the purpose of their visit at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in their home country before arriving Thailand.

The table below shows different types of non-immigrant visa. Any type of non-immigrant visa is good for a stay of 90 days from the date of entry with possibility of extension. Single entry visa is recommended for those who has no plan to leave Thailand during their studying or working at Chulalongkorn University.

(For more details, please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand’s website ).

Types of Non-immigrant Visas Purpose of Visit to Thailand
Category “B”
(Required to apply for a work permit)
Instructor/Professor (with salary)
Researcher (with salary)
Category “ED” Student
Category “RS” Researcher
Category “O” Dependent (parents, spouse, children)
Category “F” Government official in home country

How to apply Visa for dependents
The visa that your dependents will be applying for is the Non-Immigrant “O” Visa for accompanying spouse or family members.

Duration of Dependent Visas
• When first applying for a dependent visa, spouse or child will be granted a single-entry visa valid for a stay of 90 days.
• Their stay can be extended for 1 year at a time by applying for an extension at the local Immigration Office in Thailand.
• Dependent will have to submit a 90-day report at the Immigration Office for each 90 days they are in the country
• The Non-Immigrant “O” Visa for dependents does not allow them to legally work in Thailand. If your spouse wishes to work he or she should get the appropriate Non-Immigrant “B” Visa and Work Permit through their own employers.

Requirements for Dependent Visa in Thailand
To apply for their dependent visas, your spouse and/or child will need the following:
• Passport with at least 6 months validity remaining
• Completed application form
• Recent photo, 4×6 cm in size with a blue or white background
• Original and copy of Marriage Certificate (for spouse) or Birth Certificate (for child)
• Copy of the sponsoring individual’s Thai Work Permit
• Copy of the Info page d Thai Viansa page of the sponsoring individual’s passport
• Visa fee (The exact amount depends on which Thai Embassy or Consulate you’re applying at)
It is best to check the most recent information given for the Thai Embassy or Consulate you wish to apply at.

Visa application after arrival
For those who entered the Kingdom of Thailand with other kinds of permission, i.e. tourist visa, visa exemption, must obtain a proper non-immigrant visa at the Immigration Division 1, Immigration Bureau, at least 15 days before the expiry date.
– Those who entered Thailand with a Tourist visa must apply for “change of visa” to be “Non-immigrant”.

-Those who were allowed to enter Thailand with no visa (holding Phor 30 form (…) or Phor 90 form (…) must apply for non-immigration visa.

Letter of Reference from Chulalongkorn University
To apply for the visa, change of visa, or visa extension, a letter of reference from Chulalongkorn University indicating the purpose of the visit and the type of visa is required. (See a sample letter) To request for the letter of reference, please complete this online application

CU Visa Application

The following documents are needed to process the request from the host institutions/faculty/department
1. An invitation letter/ the contract/ acceptance letter
2. A photocopy of your passport